2D animated explainer video – ReTV Content Wizard solution

Inovit wants to share with you the 3rd video for our trusted client ReTV. In this video we are presenting the Content Wizard solution. It is a social media publishing platform that supports the preparation and publication of optimized audiovisual content across digital media vectors. It acts as a single platform for content publication across multiple social media channels.

The purpose

The video should be focused on a diverse audience, from teenagers to older people, that enjoy watching clips (from the news or football matches for example) on their tablets, computers or even phones. Our client ordered the video to visualize the main idea of the Content Wizard solution that acted as a single platform for media content publication across multiple social media channels.

The solution

The ReTV partner asked our specialists to have the video with the storytelling with the main female character that is the content producer. The video presents the main hero analyzing her audience to see what they like and where they usually are. The content producer uses Content Wizard to publish one TV show or a clip, in different sources: their own broadcast website and in their social media platforms. The animation of the video is dynamic and with creative slides transitions. The illustrations are done in the same style as the previous videos to be related to the full video series from ReTV company.

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