2D animated explainer video – Enviah

Ready to present the new video for the client called Enviah. It is taking the lead in developing ways to align built environments with operations, by removing the barriers that are working against staff success and patient satisfaction. Enviah designs, processes, cultures, and spaces oriented around our clients’ goals. Enviah works at the intersection of medicine and processes, people and systems, spaces and technology, bringing an evidence-based strategy to people-centered projects.

The purpose

Our specialists should represent the lid off of an organization to see how it works, and how the Enviah could improve it. Enviah should be described as providing critical and reliable data about systems integration to decision makers, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome by using thoughtful research, targeted studies, and statistical analysis.

The solution

The explainer video was done in 2D animation. The video is fully presenting the working process and benefits of Enviah company. The video starts with the description of the complexity of the healthcare organizations and ends with the benefits of Enviah for the healthcare organizations. The illustration is done in a bright minimalistic style that together with the soft animation made the video informative and fun to watch.

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