Motion graphics video – iLife

Hey, Guys! Check the new motion graphics video of iLife company. iLife is a life insurance sales automation platform to help insurance producers grow revenue online, provide digital client experiences, expedite sales cycles, gain access to leads referral systems, and streamline back-office processes. In the video, all the working iLife process was shown in 2D technology and graphically to make it easily understandable for the clients.

The purpose

The Inovit client asked our team to display the main advantages of iLife platform and visualize that it is the only online platform that sells permanent life insurance online. Our specialists should describe the iLife operational process:
Customers can purchase life insurance on the website and compare products;
Insurance agents can assist their existing clients using the platform and buy potential leads;
Ambassadors can also bring prospects to earn money.

The solution

The explainer video was created in a motion graphics style. Inovit team displayed the operational process of iLife schematically in the video by using all the provided client’s product presentations and details. iLife user-friendly central panel was presented in the video. The video was performed in corporate green colors and on each slide we used the iLife logo. Our specialists used some characters in the video for the interaction with the audience.

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