Explainer video – Life insurance products

Inovit new project is ready. We made it for Pacific Wealth Solutions. We create the video in a motion graphic style to make it more informative. Pacific Wealth Solutions is an InsurTech company located in Irvine, California that implements technologies to analyze insurance investment, automate the underwriting process using big-data and quantitative mathematics, and deliver an exceptional experience to life insurance customers with its professional multi-lingual team members. The main insurance products of the company were sketched in incorporate colors. The full working process of these two platforms was described.

The purpose

Pacific Wealth Solutions wanted to display in the video:
The company's top products that have great returns;
Everything is instant;
No need to see an agent;
Enjoy the best, and guaranteed minimum rates;
High predictability on your investments using Data-Analytics Technology.

The client ordered the video in motion graphic style to visualize more information about the company products and their advantages. Pacific Wealth Solutions asked our team to make the video structural and easy understandable for the audience.

The solution

Our creative team with specialists finalized the video for the client in the motion graphic with the light blue colors and the interface of the products. The working process of the insurance products were represented in the video from the side of the user. The full convenience and advantages were reflected in the video. The final result was done according to the client request and business information.

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