Healthcare Explainer Video – Lifekey

About the project:

We are pleased to present our next video created in collaboration with Lifekye.
The main goal of Lifekye is to create wearable technology that can provide safety and security and accomplish everyday tasks. Thanks to this device, your loved ones will always know where you are.
In this video, we explain how the device works and talk about its benefits. The video shows different situations in which Lifekye is useful, so it won’t be difficult for viewer to understand the technology and decide on its purchase.

Smooth animation helps to perceive information better. Light, non-oppressive colors make the picture enjoyable, and the voiceover does not bother, but rather complements the video. All these techniques make the video understandable and beautiful. This explainer animated video will help to convince the viewer to buy such a device.

Thanks, Lifekey, for such an amazing collab.

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