Motion graphics video – Abios Esports Widgets

Our animation studio was working on the motion graphic video for the New Standard in Esports Data Visualisation of Abios Gaming Company. Abios is the most trusted esports API, with the most detailed data and broadest coverage of matches. The Abios Esports Widgets provide deep insight into every esports match, including pregame, postgame and in-play. Built on the world-leading esports API and using 7 years of esports expertise, the data is curated through official sources, computer vision and 24/7 manual monitoring. Our specialists created this video to show that the widgets are built in a modular and dynamic way to make sure you have full creative control of what is displayed on your website or app, regardless of the implementation.

The purpose

Abios Gaming Company placed an order for an explainer video about esports widgets. The main task for our Inovit team was to describe that the Abios esports widgets deliver engaging visual content with no technical overhead. Abios widgets product is very young and the client was willing to have the informative video in motion graphics for their potential customers. In the explainer video, the client asked our creative team to focus on the main advantage of the Abios Gaming Company is that Abios provides by far the broadest coverage of any data provider, as well as maintain overall higher quality and uptime than the competitors.

The solution

Inovit studio completed the video in 2D motion graphics as per the client’s order.
We visualized in the video that the widgets are customizable and modular to fit customer's every need. The widgets were presented in the video with the possibility to adapt to different interfaces. The motion graphics video transitions are soft and logically organized. The colors in the video are mild to bring more audience attention to the widget presentation.

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