2D animated explainer video – ProBoost

Inovit is pleased to present the new colorful and fun explainer video for our new partner called ProBoost. ProBoost Thymic Protein A is a natural supplement that supports the immune system and helps jump-start optimal immune response. ProBoost uses Thymic Protein A to enhance proper immune system function, which makes it a good supplement for those with immunity-compromising conditions or diseases that involve the immune system, or whose immune systems are compromised or suppressed.

The purpose

In the video our client wanted to focus the attention of the audience on the clinical benefits and the use of the ProBoost during daily life. Our team should open up all these topics accessible to the audience and the potential customers. The main idea of the explainer video was to demonstrate ProBoost which increased white blood cell counts, increased levels of CD4 helper T cells, and induced cell death in aberrant cells. Taking ProBoost daily would support and strengthen the immune system to promote optimal health. The style of the video should be done in 2D animation with the fun and cartoonish characters.

The solution

The video is performed in 2D animation with characters as per the client's order. The video was illustrated in an extraordinary manner with a cartoonish touch. In the video we totally represent all the working processes of ProBoost and its benefits for the customer's immune system. The video contains the medical concepts to make audiences understand the function of the human body and the influence of ProBoost on it.

Hope you enjoyed watching this animation video as we are. Check all Inotiv work on our YouTube channel. Contact us anytime if you like to create the same video about your product or service.

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