2D animated explainer video – Nuseed Nutriterra

Hey! Inovit is ready to present the third video for our loyal client Nuseed. In this explainer video the client wanted to focus on the Nutriterra Total Omega-3 product. It is a plant based source of long chain fatty acids (DHA+EPA) and an excellent source of short chain (ALA). Derived from Nuseed Omega-3 canola, Nutriterra delivers an Ocean of Nutrition - the benefits of microalgae within a canola seed. Nuseed developed this incredible innovation through sophisticated plant based biotechnology to proactive create a new supply of a scarce and vital nutrient for human health.

The purpose

In the video our creative team should emphasise that Nutriterra is:

MORE SUSTAINABLE - Nutriterra does not take marine resources out of the ocean.
BETTER TASTING - Fish oil can be fishy and have an unpleasant taste or odor.
TRACEABLE - Nuseed maintains stewardship of the whole entire production process, from soil to oil.

The audience of the video should feel like this is a consumer brand, not just a commodity ingredient, and ready to coprint on their label.

The solution

In the explainer video our Inovit team described the Nutriterra Total Omega-3 is a disruptive technological advancement in omega-3 nutrition. We visualize in the video that over 85% of the population are deficient in omega-3. Nutriterra addresses the environmental and sensory concerns that keep people from consuming enough of these nutrients. Some characters were presented in the video by the main characters as the consumer and the doctor who is the representative of the Nuseed company. The video was performed in 2D animation style with the natural colors and nature landscapes.

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