3D product animation video – SENA


3D Animation


120 seconds


Advertising Videos

Sena is a brand built for motorcycle riders and technology enthusiasts alike. Founded in 1998, Sena started as an industrial technology company, providing enterprise-level Bluetooth networking products to customers across the globe. After long-standing success in developing these products, the Sena team began considering other ways to utilize their technology. As a result, Sena has become the communication supplier of choice for the industry's leading motorcycle and helmet OEMs.

The purpose

Sena's team required the 3D animation video to present the new technology helmets for motorcycling. The Impulse and Stryker smart helmets should realistically be visualized in the video. These helmets are at the forefront of helmet innovation. Their features and modern design needed to show from different sides to the audience. Our client wanted this video performed in black and red colours, preferably as a corporate identification.

The solution

Inovit's specialists created this video according to all client's preferences and ideas. This 3D explainer represents modern smart helmets in all technical details so you can feel every construction component. 3D helmets' presentation starts with external components and logically makes the audience dive inside the construction. The video focuses on every premium feature of the helmet as protection, safety, sound, microphone, and its futuristic design.

We hope that you enjoy watching this 3D video presentation. Undoubtedly, you will get inspired by such great 3D artists' work and the quality of the animation. Transitions and specifications are very impressive, which makes the audience stick to this video project.

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