3D product animation video by Inovit – Glamnetix Necklace Detangler


3D Animation


45 seconds


Startup Videos

Inovit is ready to present the 3D animated video for The Sara Lane Company and its personalized the Necklace Detangler. The video graphic is very detailed and realistic that helps the customer to feel the structure of the product itself. Inovit always has a passion to make creative and colorful marketing videos for your product to present it in a better way to your customers.

The purpose

Sara Lane, company owner, wanted to represent the product that it can be manufactured in various colors in engineered grade plastic and Titanium. Both having the benefits of being light in weight and eliminating the liabilities of skin reactions. The video should represent the convenience of the product use and its glamorous design.

The solution

Together with the client our team came up with an idea to create the video in 3D. 3D animation can present the product in a realistic way and with its all structure and details. In 3D we showed that Necklace Detangler is light and fashionable for the owner of the product and it can be great accessories. In the video our specialists used the detailed instructions of the Necklace Detangler application to visualise the wearing process.

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