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Check the new explainer 3D video for the new client Stratus Medical Company. Stratus Medical is a medical device company focused on reducing pain and suffering and improving the quality of life for chronic pain patients through innovation. Stratus Medical Company asked us to create the 3D video for their innovative product to prevent spine pain called Nimbus. The Nimbus Multi-tined Expandable Electrode provides an easy to use, efficient solution to create a large 8mm-10mm prolate spheroid lesion for relief of pain. The size and shape of the Nimbus lesion were derived to create an optimal lesion geometry. Nimbus provides technically simple, reproducible, and efficient techniques. The video contained the product presentation, diagrams and the process who it works on the human body.

The purpose

Stratus Medical Company requested to update their current video about Nimbus RF cannula for the treatment of pain. The client wanted to have a video of Nimbus product where the audience could see all the working processes and results of the pain treatment. The company was focused to be on the same level as the competitor in the marketing videos. Stratus Medical Company ordered with our Inovit team 3D video about Nimbus.

The solution

Inovit's creative team produced the final video in 3D animation as per the request of the client. In the video was presented the simple technical working process of the product to the audience and potential customers. All the technical working details about Nimbus were provided by Stratus Medical and accurately were illustrated, animated and presented in the video.

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