Motion Graphics Video – Lygos

Our dear fellows! Inovit is delighted to announce that the new video has already been released on our Inovit official internet resources. To your attention, this motion graphics video is made for Lygos Company. Talk more about this company, Lygos is creating high-performing, bio-inspired solutions for a more sustainable supply chain. Lygos is meeting the growing demand for performance and sustainability with innovative solutions across Home Care, Water Treatment, Fragrance, Agronomy, and CASE markets. Bringing sustainable materials to the market is challenging. By combining industry-leading biology, chemistry, and application expertise to produce bio-inspired solutions at scale, Lygos is helping companies meet their highest performance and sustainability targets.

The purpose

The main aim of the video is to present the Lygos product called Soltellus. The motion graphic video should be educational and comprehensible for the audience. Nevertheless, the explainer video needs to show and describe that Soltellus is a multi-functional, water-soluble, biodegradable polyaspartate polymer that binds to solid or liquid fertilizers to control the release of plant nutrients in the soil for increased crop yield with reduced environmental impact. With the help of charts and visuals, the complete Soltellus overview should be transparent for the potential audience.

The solution

Inovit studio together with the Lygos team reached all the target points in motion graphic video creation about Soltellus product. The Soltellus excellence is shown and compared with other applications. The explainer video shows that the Soltellus can easily improve the total nutrient uptake, soil health, water quality, and fertilizer utilization rates. Also, Soltellus is presented in the motion graphic video as a powerful, eco-friendly tool in the agricultural arsenal.

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