Motion Graphics – MS Plan Review

What a lucky day! The new explainer video came out from Inovit animation studio. Our client is Maintstar. MaintStar is a cloud-based software that enables city, county, and state governments to strategically and cost-effectively manage assets, track processes and keep communities functioning at their best. Since 1984 the company's vision and goal have been to provide the best “Easy-to-Use” software for communities with Enterprise Asset/ Maintenance Management and Land Management Systems.

The purpose

The client requested to make a set of video tutorials about the software product and its operational process. The explainer video should be very simple and understandable for the audience. The main purpose of the video is to educate potential clients about MaintStar solutions and the use of the features. The video tutorial should be a complete step-by-step guide for the potential audience.

The solution

The video is performed in a screencast style with a sweet background voice that explains everything that is happening on the screen. The tutorial is very clear and it's very easy to get to know all the software features. Video slide transitions are dynamic that keep the audience's attention. The video contains the brand's style and colors. Our Inovit team didn’t miss any essential suggestions from the client. Everything was created on the client's basic requests.

The Inovit team is looking forward to the next parts of the step-by-step guide for MaintStar.

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