Motion Graphics – Brickworks

Inovit's last animation video project for Brickworks is ready to grab your attention and honest review. Brickworks is a Mapping & Technology company that specializes in providing operations planning, drafting services and Zero-Emission Infrastructure assets for Site Operations. The company mission and vision shows that switching from Offline PDF to Online Smartmaps greatly helps collaboration, accuracy and operational efficiency.

The purpose

The explainer video should be strongly identified with Brickworks company using the logo,brand and visualization of the platform working process. Brickworks company main products need to be described and depicted in the explainer. The client wanted the video to be done in a simple and smart way to boost the audience's attention and make them focus on the presentation on the working process of the user interface of the platform.

The solution

Our team clearly presented the main products in the explainer video by using the graphic visualization of UI platform and the working operation:
Site management software;
Zero emission equipment rentals;
Aerial UAV and scanning services.
The process of delivering a map is displayed as an easy process:
The site plan is drafted in AutoCAD, SketchUp or Vectorworks, as per usual by the internal designer;
The designer uploads the latest CAD into Skyfall;
Skyfall delivers the map to the authorized team.

Main goal of the company is presented as to integrate with the organization's existing process, whether it's Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack or a proprietary platform with API capabilities, the notes can be shared and integrated seamlessly.

Hope you found this video useful and interesting to watch and it helps you to dive into Brickworks company vision.

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