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120 seconds

The new video release told the story about the IPT company. IPT was the first company to recognize the need to modernize integrity management through superior technology and pair it with industry-leading advisory services.IPT is dedicated to working closely with the clients to establish and continuously improve the safest and most efficient well integrity operations possible.

The purpose

The video needed to explain the main IPT solutions by using the isometric style of the illustrations that schematically visualized the work processes of the company. The main solution as Well Integrity Management should be described in the explainer. All the benefits and advantages needed to be mentioned to the audience. Same way, the idea of the solution should be presented clearly in graphs and diagrams based on IPT manual books.

The solution

The explainer was done with the help of the isometric style as per client’s request. The video showed how to visualize and manage all your well integrity data and processes in one cloud-based platform. The story begins with an explanation of the Well Integrity Management workflow by diagrams. Later, the audience can see the presentation of the user interface of the platform. The workflow processes are presented as fluid and precise, with digital approvals and document control.

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