2D Explainer video – LAVA

Wow, the greatest news!

Inovit is glad to share with the audience the release of the new explainer video accomplished in 2D animation style. The new explainer is for the LAVA company, which provides Custom CRM/Dialer Solutions and outsource work to Virtual Assistants (VAs) in the Philippines. Clients engage LAVA to hire VAs to help with back office tasks, from answering calls, texts, emails, voicemails, proposals, certifications, data management, etc.

The purpose

The marketing team of LAVA wanted  the video to be done in blue tones, which would make the explainer stylish and attractive to the customers. The 2D explainer needed to have the laconical script with the storytelling about the main hero who came up with the idea to use LAVA services. The main benefits and results, that you can get after going for the LAVA, should be presented in the video.   

The solutions

After a long-lasting meeting and negotiations, our professional Inovit team released the explainer video using all the corrections and proposition from the client. The video is performed in a blue tone with the application of the LAVA brand vision and mission towards the target audience. In addition, the Inovit team composed the script based on the client's needs and desire with the total use of the provided information. The video contains the story about the main hero-the lady who was getting busy with the back office tasks and after used the LAVA service to organize her working process. The main benefits of LAVA are visualized that the company is a truly and quality support for an affordable cost for its potential customers. 

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