2D animated explainer video – ReTV 4u2 Messenger

Inovit animation studio is finally ready to present the 4th video for our trusted client- ReTV company. In this video, the client wanted to focus on the 4u2 Messenger company service. 4u2 Messenger presents a novel approach for personalized archival content distribution to audiences. With minimal editorial intervention, the Messenger’s recommendation engine curates video content based on its relevance at a particular moment in time and its relevance to each user’s interests. This personalized content delivery serves the repurposing of niche topics in the long tail of archival collections.

The purpose

The new explainer video should describe the main idea and the goal of the 4u2 Messenger solution from ReTv. The goal of the 4u2 scenario in ReTV is to develop solutions that personalize broadcaster content distribution and delivery and propose novel ways for media archives and broadcasters to build connections with their audiences. The style of the video needed to be similar to the previous videos ordered by ReTv company.

The solutions

Our studio created the 4th ReTv video in 2D animation style with the characters as in all previous videos. Our specialists added some new characters to the video which shows the cultural diversity and describes the working process of 4u2 Messenger. The illustration style is similar to all ReTV explainer videos which Inovit realized lately. All the working process was described in the explainer video according to the client’s provided information. Our team tried to make the video understandable and fun to watch for the audience.

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