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3D Animation


80 seconds


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Inovit wants to share with you the latest 3D animation project. This video is one for MW Products LLC. The main business orientation of MW Products is mounting Flat-panels. As such, they have experienced, participated in, and helped drive the evolution of the flat panel. The number one priority is safety. All MW Products come with a rated weight capacity that has been tested to UL standards.

The purpose

Our client requested a 3D video about the full mounting construction presentation for flat panels. This video should follow the step-by-step manual on how to place and construct MW Products. The explainer video should present that everyone can install the mount without any additional effort or knowledge, just follow the induction.

The solution

The Inovit team re-created all the client's vision on the screen. The 3D objects were displayed in every detail, nothing was missed. No doubt, the product is the same in life as you can observe it on a screen. Every small component of the construction is visualized in the video. The explainer video allows the audience to get to know the construction procedure of mounting Flat-panels in a comprehensible way. Our experts followed the product manual provided by the client. As a result, this 3D project was released in the exceptional digitalization of 3D modeling and structured narration.

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