3D product animation video – MW Products The Large Full-Motion Mount


3D Animation


80 seconds


Educational Videos

Check the new video release for MW Products LLC. This is the second video tutorial on how to install the large full-motion mount construction. Let's recollect the description of MW Products LLC company: the main business orientation of MW Products is mounting flat panels. As such, they have experienced, participated in, and helped drive the evolution of the flat panel. The number one priority is safety. All MW Products come with a rated weight capacity that has been tested to UL standards.

The purpose

Our client was really satisfied with the first video tutorial and ordered a set of videos about each product. The video should reflect a visual step-by-step manual to help buyers install mount construction without any extra help and effort. As previously, MW Products LLC requested the video in 3D animation style to focus on every detail of the installation process.

The solution

The video recollects the same style and video type as the first video about MW Products. This tutorial is performed in a 3D animation style that brings the live digitalization of the product and its step-by-step installation guide. The explainer video presents the large full-motion mount construction and installation actions in a comprehensible way synchronized with the narrator. As a result, Inovit experts accomplish all the tasks that the client put forward to our team in this video production.

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