2D Animated Video Explainer – Reventics

Our studio prepared for you the new video release for Reventics company. The name Reventics itself is derived from the words: “revenue” + “analytics”. Reventics is a new-age, physician-focused clinical documentation improvement and revenue cycle management company. Company changes the way the industry thinks about CDI and RCM by placing the provider at the center of everything the company does. Reventics is focused on Provider performance improvement and its solutions are built on the foundation of its C-A-T model: Clinically focused, Analytics led & Technology driven.

The purpose

The client ordered in our Inovit studio the 2D animation explainer video about one of Reventics products called RevMAX-led RCM Solution. The video should contain the information about the privileges of the product and why the audience needs to go for Reventics company. The illustration of the video should fulfill the client's vision in the main characters and color styles.

The solution

Inovit experts produced the video according to the client's order. The video presents the benefits of RevMAX-led RCM Solution by using the charts and diagrams. RevMAX is shown in the explainer as the right technology that can improve collaboration between providers and revenue cycle staff. Our experts made the emphasis in the video that RevMAX increases coordination and the level of communication between coding/HIM and providers and streamlines the relationship between providers and the revenue cycle. The Inovit team proposed to have the main characters in the video to make the video more entertaining and clear for the audience. The video illustration was performed in corporate colors accordingly. The video has smooth scene transitions in logical sequences.

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