2D animated explainer video – Shift Group

Hi, everyone! Inovit animation studio is glad to present our latest explainer video project. This video is produced for our partner Shift Group.
Now, here is a quick presentation of the Shift Group company to make you connect with its business ideas. Shift Group helps former athletes and military vets break into the technology sales profession through training and placement services. The company has a platform that the candidates use for training and that companies use to review profiles and game tap on the candidates they might be interested in interviewing.

The purpose

The explainer video needs to present the Shift Group platform and show the advantages of candidates compared with other similar companies. Our Inovit specialists should focus the audience's attention that Shift Group candidates are resilient, competitive, coachable, work hard, and have a growth mindset. They are trained deeply in the foundational skills of selling technology to companies. Over 50% of candidates are females and people of color. Overall, the explainer video should emphasize that it is the only company that allows customers to watch the candidates do the job in videos.

The solution

All the client's ideas and objectives were reflected in 2D animation explainer video with characters. Our team elaborated on the very light and easy video style conception to make the audience pay attention to the main video characters. The video's main heroes are the straight representation of the brand spirit and its vision in the marketplace. Inovit specialists made every detail of the characters memorable and bright. Nevertheless, the video has the brand style mirrored by colors and the company's logo. The video is a detailed platform presentation with benefits for the user. The video is a complete story of a platform's advantages and a demonstration of the Shift Group candidates for the positive side.

Enjoyed watching this video? The Inovit team has great creative potential and a huge portfolio. It is time to create a video for your business.

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