2D animated explainer video – Nix Mouthwash

Great news from the Inovit team! We want to present the new video release. This explainer video was created for Nix Company. Today the video spotlight is Nix Mouthwash. Nix's mission is to make the best mouthwash — one that is natural, effective, pleasant tasting, and eco-friendly. The Nix formula consists of mixing thousands of different formulations, trying countless natural ingredients for oral health benefits, working with supertasters to perfect the taste, and performing extensive tests with consumers and dentists to ensure efficacy. Nix developed eco-friendly mouthwash crystals and sustainable packaging.

The purpose

In the explainer video, our creative specialists should highlight that the Nix is natural and eco-friendly. And it reduces the problem that the current mouthwashes have. Most mouthwashes are full of chemicals and are not eco-friendly. Our team should show that Nix mouthwash goes in a small jar of crystals, then the customer can scoop it into their container. The mouthwash is pleasant tasting and does not burn the mouth. The packaging is lightweight and travel-friendly.

The solution

Our experts made a 2D explainer video with a character. The character represents the main benefits of Nix mouthwash. Also, its influence on people’s health and the environment is described in the explainer. The video points to the main Nix’s mission as caring about people, pets, and the planet. The direction on how to use the Nix mouthwash crystals is shown in the video and customers can be sure that it saves consumption of the product. The explainer video is done in green pastel colors that bring Nix mouthwash the significance of the eco-friendly product.

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