2D animated explainer video – LifeLeaf

Unbelievably! Now Inovit is ready to present its latest 2D animation video project. Our team was working on the project for the innovative patented LifeLeaf product from LifePlus. The first non-invasive device for continuous, real-time remote patient monitoring. A single device to enable constant monitoring of key health markers, including blood glucose and blood pressure. LifeLeaf can monitor all key physiological parameters (blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, respiration, and oxygen saturation) from a single device. With zero involvement yet the highest oversight from the patient's perspective, it provides absolute peace of mind to patients with chronic disease. The device also comes with zero consumables - drastically simplifying the use logistics and significantly lowering sustained usage costs.

The purpose

The key message of the animation video should be to point out the main benefits of the LifeLeaf product and highlight its influence on people’s lifestyles. The video must tell about the transformative power of health and wellness that is right on your wrist. With LifeLeaf, it's not just about tracking time: it's about enhancing life. 2D animation should demonstrate the LifeLeaf wristwatch and how it can be connected to an official platform on users' smartphones.

The solution

The Inovit team creates the 2D animation explainer video about LifeLeaf following all client's preferences and adjustments. The final video involves the main characters on a screen who are the users of LifeLeaf. The main characters display the complete product presentation and its influence on people’s lives by monitoring the process of important biomarkers to live happily and actively. 2D animation video informs that the LifeLeaf is functional so people can wear it long term. LifeLeaf is super-light, watertight, and biocompatible. The audience can fully observe the LifeLeaf and mobile app visually during the explainer video and help to get to know more about the product usage.

Hopefully, this 2D animation explainer video from the Inovit team is entertaining and you enjoyed watching it!

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