2D animated explainer video – Formapath

Great news! Today Inovit launched the explainer for FormaPath which presents the new device called AdiPress. FormaPath company and its business operations that are Lab Automation products for tissue management in anatomic pathology. FormaPath is an early first mover in a field that is poised to adopt widespread automation over the next decade.

The purpose

The explainer video should describe the key elements of the value proposition for the launch of the device, the AdiPres. Nevertheless, the main idea of the video needs to be to show in parallel tracks the current manual methodology compared to the automated AdiPress methodology. The explainer video demonstrates improved performance and efficiency for labs that are overstressed by labor shortages and increasing volume.

The solution

To start with, the video presents the manual process and AdiPress technology that are compared on both sides of the screen. The AdiPress benefits are highlighted strongly in the video during the description of the technology working process and its advantages above the manual method. AdiPress is faster and more precise and drives consistent and high-quality slides. All the benefits of the AdiPress device are shown on tablets to make the audience visually understand them. The video implements the brand colors and style.

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