2D animated explainer video – ApnoDent

Guys! Check our new explainer video for ApnoMed company. ApnoMed is creating the revolutionary Award-Winning sleep devices. The main device is ApnoDent. It is an FDA cleared device designed to manage patients suffering from snoring and sleep apnea. ApnoMed’s patented technology was developed and tested throughout the past decade with tremendous results which are not achievable by with other sleep appliances available on the market today. Due to the unique proprietary mechanism put into the ApnoDent, it has the opportunity to bypass many of the classic side effects bound to occur with other devices on the market, such as jaw pain, bite change and permanent tooth movement.

The purpose

The explainer video should educate consumers about what sleep apnea is, what it can be like to suffer from it, how the ApnoMed device works and why it is better than competitor products. The Inovit team needed to show in the video the functional work of the ApnoDent device. The client asked the creative specialists to represent the story about the person how is suffering from apnea.

The solution

The video was performed in 2D style of animation. In the video our scriptwriter created the story about the lady called Jenna who is tired and depressed during the day because of sleep apnea. The main hero can't tolerate a CPAP device, and how annoying it is to use. Later we are presenting the ApnoDent product and its advantages compared with other products and its unique technology. As well, our creative team visualized in the video how to get this product by following some easy steps on the ApnoMed website.

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