2D animated explainer video – ModuSense

Inovit animation studio is finally ready to present the 1st video for our client- 4B Marketing company. The company was established leader in edge intelligent radios and solutions for nearly 30 years and recently expanded the products and solutions, in a small satellite connectivity and also offered turnkey fully integrated, plug and play IIoT solutions to the market quickly and cost-effectively. The main task of the video is to focus on the ModuSense technology. ModuSense is an innovative, integrated, plug-and-play industrial IoT edge solution that can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively.

The purpose

The client ordered the 2D video about ModuSense technology. The marketing team advised our Inovit animation team to produce the video in the saturated colored illustrations with one character who is the technology user. The voice-over artist should record the script clearly and fluently. All principal advantages of ModuSense should be presented in the explainer video.

The solution

Our team of the experts made the video interesting and cognitive for the target audience.
Principal advantages of the ModuSense were presented in the explainer:
Always-on connection to asset;
Low operational cost;
Ease of install/intuitive bring-up;
Ruggedness and reliability;
Low capital investment.

ModuSense was simplified to help potential users understand it, and visuals and slick motion helped engage the viewers. ModuSense offers the full solution: connectivity, edge computing, sensors and dashboard analytics.

The explainer is rich with information about technology but, with the combination of the colorful illustrations and main lovely hero, the video looks were interesting and light for the viewers.

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