2D animated explainer video – ComplianceAuthor Solutions

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Inovit team cooperates with Glemser company. Our new client made an order to create three videos about different software that it wants to highlight for the audience. Glemser is a world-class software and advisory services organization that helps manage compliance in regulated industries through high-quality technology and process solutions. Glemser has developed a software product, ComplianceAuthor Solutions, which enables clients to save time, enhance quality, and sustain compliance.

The purpose

The first video should represent the ComplianceAuthor Solutions from Glemser. The explainer needs to be introduced as an introduction to ComplianceAuthor Solutions. The video should provide a high-level overview of the software and its design principles to explain why and how it works.

The solution

The explainer video was done in 2D animation video with characters by Inovit experts. The Inovit team applied all the client's preferences in the video to make the solution presentation very precise without going too granular into the nuance of the feature. Moreover, the key features were shown by the prism of the user interface and its top advantages for the user. The explainer video collects the brand colors, mission, and target points that it should reach after release.

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