Whiteboard animated video – FCP Live-in 2

We are ready to present the second video for FCP Live-in company. For our audience who are not familiar with the previous debut video for FCP Live-in agency, we want to provide a quick description of its performance in the market.

Live-in home care agency is committed to providing a unique and customized In-Home companion approach to senior care. Live-in home care is a form of care provided to seniors who need around-the-clock assistance from a caregiver.

The purpose

The second video needs to follow the same video production points as the previous one. The duration is still 30 seconds, which describes the other part of FCP Live-in company business activity. Video is short, simple and interesting to watch. The client doesn’t want the audience to be bored and lose interest. The video style is a whiteboard animation with a blue color touch according to the brand palette.

The solution

All video production tasks still remain the same as per the client's request. Our client was so impressed with the previous video that he doesn’t want to change the video style, approach and visualization of the main characters. Our team should take the previous video as a base for the second one. This option helped our specialists to perform work without any delays in the video release and without miscommunications. Every production step went smoothly and productively.

Inovit is pleased to move further and produce the next explainers for FCP Live-in company. Moreover, FCP Live-in has a long term plan for future videos about the company's services and their advantages for customers.

Hope you enjoyed watching this video. Our Inovit team is waiting for your feedback and comments.

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