Whiteboard animated video – ComplianceAuthor Video2

Dear friends, discover for yourself the second video for Glemser Company! Small summary about the company’s business operation: Glemser is a world-class software and advisory services organization that helps manage compliance in regulated industries through high-quality technology and process solutions. Glemser has developed a software product, ComplianceAuthor Solutions, which enables clients to save time, enhance quality, and sustain compliance.

The purpose

The video should describe the ComplianceAuthor for Global Labeling solution for potential audiences. The explainer needs to emphasize that this software is an AI-powered structured content authoring system. It empowers to streamline workflow, eliminate manual errors, and accelerate the production process like never before. The explainer holds the educational purpose for the client. The video would be submitted on the website as a visual presentation for the software.

The solution

Based on all preferences the video is done in whiteboard animation video style. It contains diagrams and schemes to visualize the advantages of the ComplianceAuthor for Global Labeling and its operation. Also, the Intelligent Sentence Generator of ComplianceAuthor is represented in the video to inform the audience about the solution’s components and its advantages. The explainer project is very bright, colorful, and informative for the target audience.

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