Explainer video by Inovit – Manage and collaborate on Sketch files

Plan company strived to harmonize the productive efforts and artistic minds of the team into a creative symbiosis, only to be met with logistical setbacks and a lack of viable solutions. This challenge inspired our new client to develop a powerful, yet versatile tool for version control. The invention is called Plan which is the powerful version control and collaboration platform for managing and securely storing Sketch files.

The purpose

The client wanted to have the marketing explainer video about their new platform and its advantages. Our team should display in the video that Plant platform integrates with Sketch for an enhanced workflow that helps users to focus on what they can do best, generating cutting-edge designs. The explainer video should promote the product , problems it solves and deliver the main idea and message to our audience. The product should be focused in the video on the target audience who are product designers, product design teams, UI, UX designers.

The solution

Our Inovit team came up with the 2D animated video with the characters related to the target audience of the platform. In the video the working process of the platform was presented through the user interface. In the marketing video we showed the mission of the Platform is to empower creativity by minimizing distractions and not forcing users to switch between workspaces to complete tasks. The video contains the company logo and branded colors and shapes which are fully integrated with the client’s company visualization.

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