Explainer video – Life insurance sales platform

Check our new project specially created for Surevested company. Surevested is an Artificial Intelligence powered life insurance agency. The company's powerful technology matches client's data with thousands of policies from top-tier life insurance companies. By making this complex comparison shopping fast and easy, we help to find the best policy for the client's needs and budget. The animation presents the full working process of the life insurance platform by colorized charts and animated characters. The video is engaging the audience with very smooth animation and an understandable professional voiceover.

The purpose

The client’s main purpose of the video is to explain to the potential customers how the company works from the information provided through the quote and bind process. Our client Surevested wanted to highlight several points in the video such as:
Working with several (not just 1) of the top carriers;
Offering flexible policy options (term and whole life) many competitors only offer terms;
Rates are calculated according to the needs and specifications of the client;
The Surevested salespeople are not pushy like traditional life insurance sales;
The rates are 100% transparent;
Application through bind is done entirely online at any time of day;
The licensed staff is available for chat and phone.

Surevested wanted to highlight in the video their main theory “ Give the client all the knowledge and they will make the best decision for themselves”.

The solution

The Inovit creative team made the video in 2D animation as per the request of the client. Our specialists reflected all the Surevested main highlights in the video. We used all the details which the client provided for us in the video. The Surevested working process was visualized by using the UI, along with the minimal design and slick motion.

If you like to make the same video for your application, our Inovit team is ready to help you with it! Contact us any time.

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