Animated Video Explainer – Contract Review Automation

Inovit created the new video project for LawGeex platform. LawGeex uses AI to review contracts based on your predefined policies. LawGeex redlines the contract in real-time just like a human lawyer. The animation explainer video is describing the functional work of the platform. The video visualization is very bright and interactive for the future platform users.

The purpose

Our new client wanted to highlight several aspects of the product in the video:
How the solution works;
The product is easy to use and will solve real problems for customers;
LawGeex is a safe, proven choice.

The video should contain animated people - mostly lawyers, visual elements, logo, fonts, and colors which represent the company culture and style.

The solution

All the main highlights were presented in the video in 2D animation with characters.
Our Inovit team described the working process of LawGeex logically and showed the advantages of the platform for the user and customers. The LawGeex presentation was shown through the position of the use and step-by-step use of the platform. In the explainer video, we used the style guide provided by the client. The video contains the company's logo, brand colors and visuals which bring full indulgence to the company culture.

If you like to create the same explainer video for your platform, please, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

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