Animated Video Explainer – Propeller

Inovit is ready to share with you our latest explainer video for Propeller Bonds platform. It’s a fully automated end-to-end underwriting platform to help the agency convert surety bonds from a nuisance to an opportunity. Propeller allows the agency to have the technology that streamlines the issuance of bonds down to minutes. And as well to have the access to the best surety markets with industry-standard commissions and to have the support from trained professionals any time. The agency can receive a free, white-labeled URL that can be shared externally with clients.

The purpose

The explainer video should be generated with the effect to encourage the viewer to make a schedule for the live demo of the Propeller Bonds platform. The video should touch and present o the onboarding process, and how Propeller platform is the solution for the problem that surety is in demand but agents aren't offering it within their portfolios.The significant objective of the explainer video needs to reflect all corporate ideas by using the band book and provided information by our client.

The solution

The video is produced in 2D animation style with characters. The video script laconically and consistently describes the working technology of the Propeller Bonds platform. The animation video contains the character who presents the step by step visual manual of the platform. The highlights оf the Propeller application are represented in the video as a bolt-on surety department where agencies get access to surety carriers, the surety experts, agency-branded technology, and additional market leads. During the production process of the explainer video our creative team used the corporate colors and logos to make the audience interact with the client’s product.

Hope our Inovit team did the best to combine the creativity and the informativity in this bright explainer.

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