Animated video – Cloud backup

While the value of data is increasing exponentially, many organizations are still protecting that critical data with an aging infrastructure and decades-old policies. Increase your confidence in recovery by modernizing your data protection policies and adopting next-generation technology. ePlus Cloud Managed Backup provides both full management of the backup and recovery environment along with regular testing so you can remain confident in your ability to recover when disaster strikes.Inovit animation studio created the 2D video with characters to display the process of the Cloud backup Solutions of ePlus company and the main advantages of these services. In the video, we implement the corporate colors, logo to increase the recognition of the ePlus services for the audience.

The purpose

The main mission of the marketing video is to convey that ePlus understands the issues/challenges that the customers could face, and the ePlus solution could help address them and keep their focus on growing their business. ePlus is a loyal client who ordered a set of explainer videos about each and every service. Now Cloud Managed Backup service from ePlus should be presented in this explainer video. The main benefits and advantages for the users of Cloud Managed Backup should be visualized in the video.

The solution

The video was done in 2D animation style with characters. The main hero of the video is a manager named Bob who is explaining to the audience the working process of Cloud Managed Backup and its advantages. The video performed with the shades of blue colors. The full operational process of Cloud Managed Backup is displayed by figures and graphs.

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