3D product animation video – QIQ


3D Animation


45 seconds

Dear friends, Inovit Studio is happy to present a new 3D animation project! Our team collaborates with QIQ company. QIQ is an innovative brand of skin care products. QIQ is a revolution in the market that fights skin imperfections and unpreferable reactions. The breakthrough first-aid technology of QIQ products is HypoBiome. QIQ products are dermatological and pediatrician tested. They don’t sting and irritate the skin. The neutral pH formula is non-toxic and non-sensitizing. Free from alcohol, lidocaine, oils, benzalkonium chloride, steroids, antibiotics, and parabens.

The purpose

The client was required to make the skin product presentation in a 3D video. The video needs to be dynamic with totally realistic product visualization. Key company’s slogan needs to be highlighted in the video as “your skin savior”. The video should comprise the brand colors. The video needs to help the audience get to know more about the brand and its skin care product range.

The solution

Our team collected all the client’s preferences in the video. The video turned out as colorful, dynamic, and captivating for the audience. The background stylish music and product presentation give the understanding the QIQ brand is a combination of the latest technologies, care, and result.

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