2D animated explainer video – Score N Explore

Wow! The new explainer video release is out on Inovit's official resources. And it's ready for your comments and feedback. Today we made a video project for Icon Sports Group. Icon Sports is partnered with global sports brands and teams that are the passion of today's generation. Leading the future of sports apparel and accessories beyond traditional sports, Icon Sports is dedicated to the visionaries, groundbreakers, and trendsetters that will define the future of the sports industry.

The purpose

The explainer video should highlight the Score N’ Explore project of Icon Sports Group. Score N’ Explore is about educational toys that are designed to provide child stage-based educational lessons and stimulate the development of their gross and fine motor skills through running, dribbling, and other free-play physical activities.
The video needed to tell a story about the product and show how it inspires the kids to learn and stay active.

The solution

The fundamental mission of these educational toys is to play, learn and discover. Our client has an idea to visualize Score N’ Explore benefits on the screen through the main character and his experience playing soccer. In the video you can observe the girl playing, then the soccer ball is spinning which leads to the phase of learning and encourages a genuine interest to explore the World. However, the explainer presents the different variety of lessons of Score N’ Explore for your child.
The video is performed in colorful animation and quality transitions that express the Learn and Discover steps of Score N’ Explore active toys and make the audience go deeply into the project's advantages.

Our Inovit team hopes that this video project gives you nice and positive emotions and you will enjoy watching it.

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