2D animated explainer video – Chrysal Fyt ‘n Fyx

The new animation video project is ready for our loyal client Chrysal. Since 1949, Chrysal has been a main driving force in the flower and plant industry and a worldwide market leader in flower food. Whether you grow, transport, sell, or simply enjoy the beauty of flowers in your own home, Chrysal has a tailor-made solution to keep cut flowers and potted plants looking fresher for longer. Chrysal has extensive in-house knowledge of flowers, their needs and challenges, the flower journey, but also of all the parties in the flower chain.

The purpose

Today's explainer video needs to represent the grower's tailor-made sustainable solutions in both the pre-harvest and post-harvest phases, the renewed program is called Fyt ‘n Fyx. The video will be used at the International Horticultural Trade Fair in Colombia and the Netherlands, online and in one-on-one presentations with growers. Also as an internal communication tool.

The solution

The video project is a complete description of the Fyt ‘n Fyx program of Chrysal. The benefits and main values are highlighted in the explainer. Fyt ’n Fyx links the pre-harvest and post-harvest phases, ensuring commercially cultivated flowers consistently deliver on quality while setting the standard for a flower industry with zero impact on the planet. Our video project educates the customers that Chrysal is a knowledgeable partner in the flower chain and will find a tailor-made solution for the customer’s needs.

The explainer video has characters that show the story of flowers and their cult in our daily lives with the help of the Fyt ‘n Fyx program of Chrysal. Moreover, the video tends to have the same style and colour scheme as previous projects for Chrysal.

Enjoy watching the video and Inovit is ready for your comments.

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