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INOVIT creates business videos that range from animated explainers to promotional 3D videos. We have the ability to produce engaging and creative videos with our refined procedure. In all the videos that we have produced throughout the years, the one thing that we focus on is THE BUSINESS.

We would not be able to create effective videos without our clients and their business playing an integral part. In our brainstorming phase, the expertise and knowledge of clients are critical. We engage our clients in every phase of our video creation. What is the form of that review process? What role do our clients play in video creation? This is our process.


The Review Overview

The videos that INOVIT creates are fully customized. We never use templates or “plug and play” solutions. Or video creations are a team effort with our clients. We use the expertise of the client and blend it with ours. Any parts that we might have overlooked are addressed in the review. We fine-tune our communication of key points so that the brand is in harmony with the visual style and tone. This is impossible to get done without input from our clients. A review is essential in the project schedule. We outline the important parts where input and remarks from the client provide the most impact. We apply the information we receive in the most effective way in-between reviews.

It usually takes around of 20-30 business days to produce 1 min. video clip. This might vary depending on the schedule. By doing this, we keep moving smoothly all the way through the development procedure. Following this process produces a final video even faster.


Script Reviews

In the project script, the first review takes place with the first draft.  Once we have finalized the concept with the client, we begin writing the first version, commonly known as V1 in the industry. First drafts always change as the project proceeds. Since it is virtually impossible to have a perfect V1, any changes should be seen as a chance to collaborate with the client, not as a tedious to-do list.

We use Google Docs and G Suite to review the scripts. The user-friendly interface of these tools makes reviewing and editing the script simple and convenient. Only narration is included in the script at this stage, however, if images are essential to telling the client’s story, we add an extra column along with visual notes. Whichever option we go with, it is easy for the clients to add their input and additional details. With the option to add suggestions, the original content is preserved as the client does their own editing. Collaboration with the client is essential as we mentioned before.


What are the most effective forms of feedback? See the following examples:

  • “This sentence could do with some improvement” = NOT GREAT
  • “Right idea but we have to phrase it better” = BETTER
  •   “Our customers might misinterpret this language. The language from our homepage might work better here, what do you think?” = THAT’S THE STUFF


We now collect the feedback and update the script, which results in V2. The drafts are usually updated two to three times before arriving at the final version that both our clients and our team sign off on. With the final version complete, we can now proceed to the next phase.


Visual Review

The storyboards and/or styleframes start coming together once we have the script. Our visual language is derived from these assets be it from live-action or animation. This is similar to the language and tone set out by the script. Even though this is a final step in the review phase, things remain somewhat flexible. As the project schedule proceeds, there are fewer opportunities to edit the video. We focus on eliminating unwanted costs and we have noticed that momentum is important in producing videos of a higher quality.

We use Wipsterr individual review phase instead of Google docs since Wipster was made specifically for video review. The client has the ability to choose and review specific frames in the video or the presentation. When reviewing storyboards the client just has to click on the storyboard and make any comments they want. In the case of video draft reviews, this tool is even more precise. The user has the ability to pause on a specific frame, and then add their comments at any point within that frame. The users will see the comments on the timeline of the video, which makes editing much easier.


Here is some useful video feedback:

  • “This doesn’t look right” = NOT GREAT
  • “ Compared to the first style frame, the character seems more cartoony” = BETTER
  •   “The proportions of the character appear more abstract than we previously thought. Is there a way to have them appear more realistic?” = THAT’S THE STUFF


Correcting minor issues and closely matching the boards created is the main purpose of the video drafts review. As we mentioned earlier, the options to edit direction are limited at the stage in the process. Before we send any updates to the client, our team is reviewing drafts. If we’re still not on the same page with the client, we make any corrections necessary to have the video where it needs to be at this stage.

Review Wrap Up

At this stage, the video gets a final review and is approved once all parties are happy. We are very happy on our end and hopefully, our client is also happy. This process will go much smoother once the clients give us effective feedback.


Be timely     Be specific     Be constructive     Be honest


What makes INOVIT stand out from the crowd is our review process and thoughtful collaboration with our clients. From beginning to end, our projects are fully customized. Please contact us if you are interested in using our creative process to produce creative videos. We look forward to working with you soon.

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