What Does Your Mobile App Do? 4 Easy Ways To Explain It


Your app is ready to go and you are introducing it to your target audience for the first time. Good job! What is the best way to sell it to your potential customers?

You have to make your app stand out by using effective communication and channels. There are a limitless number of apps available and getting it to be successful will be tricky. How do you get your app out to your target audience? In this article, we will show you 4 marketing options that stand out from the others.

However, even with these 4 options, you have to include a built-in digital marketing approach that utilizes various tactics including communications channels on the internet. When used together this strategy works. There are other ones you can add that will fit into your ultimate marketing goals. Here are a few things we suggest:


This might seem obvious, but you have to take your screenshot to the next level, not just putting it in the app store. Your image has to jump out to your target audience and it has to be crystal clear HOW your app works.

To achieve this goal, your image should include captions and other visual cues. The image should tell the user how useful the app is and it has to be visually appealing. This needs to happen in a single look. They have to instantly get what your app is offering in a single glance. Your apps’ most important function has to be featured, just ONE. Your text should not overshadow that main app feature.

Landing Pages / Microsites

Showcase your app on a landing page or microsite with a maximum of 2 pages. This is just as effective as a business card. It should be clear how to use your app. The “download” button has to be conspicuous, similar to the one used by the Spendee app. This is a very important step, don’t skip it.

The Google Play Store and App Store buttons also stand out on the Sendee app landing page and this is done on purpose.  You will also notice that there is info on the app, its features, and capabilities. As mentioned before, the download button should be easy to see.

Take a look at the Snapchat and Tinder microsites. These sites are compelling, clear, and easy to use.

Explainer Videos

Get your business idea over to your potential customers in less than a minute and a half with animated explainer videos. Let your visitors see your app’s benefits and features by using appealing and engaging videos. What makes this marketing tool unique? You create a powerful emotional bond with your customers. They will remember your video and share it with others.


If your business has its own blog, use it to advertise your new mobile app. Tell your visitors about the story of your business. What problems do you solve for them? How does your app make their life better? Show them exactly how your app works. Include screenshots, videos, and a link to the app. What other services does your business offer? How has your business become a leader in its sector? This is valuable information for potential new customers. Have you tried other techniques to market your mobile app? Did those techniques work? Please share your stories with us!

Please contact us if you are interested in using our creative process to produce creative videos. We look forward to working with you soon.

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