Leveraging the Power of Animated Video During the Coronavirus Lockdown


Articulate with Ads

Animated video ads serve as a powerful promotional tool because their engagement rate is significantly high. Due to the pandemic lockdown, filming with actual people is being held off in order to adhere to social distancing practices.

That is not to say that people should cease advertising, though. The greatest aspect of animated explanation videos is their ability to bring you anywhere. You have the freedom to animate landscapes, institutions, outer space…you name it. The sky isn’t the limit when it comes to animated videos; your imagination is.


Spreading Entertainment

Social networks are abuzz with news about the pandemic. As such, a lighthearted and fun animated explanation video can serve as a helpful distraction to put people’s minds at ease. Animated video companies can produce short series or movies using characters that viewers can follow and relate to. Animation leaves the audience awestruck. Viewers will anticipate something rather than feeling confined in their households listening to dreadful news. Animated explanation videos are capable of bringing a concept of any sort to life. Video producers are encouraged to leverage it in order to create unique and crazy videos that entertain people.


Create Awareness Virally

Awareness is important, particularly in relation to life-threatening illnesses like the novel coronavirus. Covid-19 is very contagious, and is spreadable by contact. More awareness about the subject is crucial – it is imperative to teach people about what (and what not) to do in the midst of this pandemic.

Producing an animated video that contains helpful content – such as ways to engage in social distancing safely, proper ways to sanitize your hands, crucial details about Covid-19, and what steps to take if someone in your home is affected by the virus – can be very beneficial.

Once a video like this is made, it will spread rapidly. We are all looking for helpful information about Covid-19. Creating awareness pertaining to the subject could even save lives.


Pushing Your Marketing Campaign

Animated explanation videos continue to prove themselves as impactful marketing tools. Because they are psychologically and physically appealing, these videos result in more shares, greater engagement, and high viewership. This is crucial when it comes to marketing, and fulfills its core purpose. Once your campaign goes viral, the fruits of your labor will speak for themselves.

Engagement rate is another aspect of higher share-ability. Explainer videos develop a direct connection with a viewer and makes them relate to it. As such, they have the potential to increase conversion rates.

Further, animated videos are entertaining. As such, marketers have the ability to leverage them in order to convey complicated ideas in ways that don’t confuse viewers. Animated videos are much more cost-efficient than other promotional tactics. This is something every marketer must be mindful of, considering the impact that the pandemic has made on not only their companies, but the economy as a whole.


Fueling the Education Industry

Because of Covid-19, education institutes throughout the world have been shut down. This has placed students, teachers, and parents in difficult situations. Since education happens to be an important facet of life, unacceptable problems have come about.

Online classes are a solution that has been implemented so as to keep classes going for some students. Not all of them are eager to participate, though. It is an understandable situation – students have been locked in their homes because of the novel coronavirus. The uncomfortable circumstances students find themselves can hardly create an ideal environment when it comes to learning and studying.

With that said, animated educational videos are capable of changing that. Educational institutes are encouraged to invest more energy and time into producing animated explanation videos in order to teach students. In turn, students will anticipate online classes, as well as be a lot more attentive during lectures. Animated videos will give students some mental relief from the damage caused by Covid-19 without compromising their education.


Quick Internal Communication

Since the pandemic was declared, most companies have shifted towards working remotely to keep business going. It is not easy to work from home, particularly for people who are used to working in an office. Communication, productivity, and motivation are all affected. Fortunately, there are many resources and tools available that can make this process a lot more effective.

Animated explanation videos can be particularly useful during this strange time in our lives. You can use them to revive emotional connections with team members using alluring visuals. It may come in the form of a birthday greeting, important announcement, or motivational message. Also, staff members will be less inclined to dismiss them, since messages are delivered in an engaging way!

Animated videos tell staff that you are still thinking about them during this challenging time.


Tapping the Medical Sector

People in the health sector are heroes, especially in the midst of the novel coronavirus. Animation is often used by companies in the health industry. When used with certain simulation tools, the human anatomy can be visualized with impressive clarity.

Medical experts are capable of simulating how Covid-19 spreads in the body. An animated explanation video can be used to help people understand things better. Because there is a shortage of interns, medical students, and doctors to help with these cases, medical staff without experience can receive effective training via 3D videos.


In Closing

Animated videos are quite versatile in how they can be used. They can help all sorts of companies get through challenging times using creative tactics. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or employee, an animated explanation video can accommodate just about everyone.

They are engaging, fun to watch, and cost-effective. Before you commit to utilizing these types of videos, though, don’t forget to thoroughly clean your hands! Social distancing practices should be neglected, either!
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