The Downside To Using A Template Explainer Videos

A custom animated explainer videos can be a great asset to your marketing plans but in order to get the best results, make sure you have created quality that addresses your targeted audience’s needs and problems.  When done properly, it should generate trust and interest.


You might not know, there is a big difference between a template video and a custom animated video.  I am going to review the downside for using a template video vs going with a custom video.  A custom video will give you a better image and bring in potential customers – period!

Let’s look at the reasons why a template video will end up costing you more in the long run than creating a quality custom video.


You Can Lose Potential Customers And Conversions

The bottom line, template videos offer bad animation and only basic characters which means they will be boring and not hold your audience’s attention.  If you cannot hold your audience, they will leave and go to another site.  You will lose potential customers and decrease your conversion rate.


You Will Not Engage Your Audience

Keep in mind, template videos are designed in a general form instead of being customized for your targeted audience.  You are not able to adjust the characters and backgrounds to match your audience.  Your audience will not feel motivated which means they will just get up and leave.


Templates Can Lead To Lack Of Trust

Templates are not good quality and badly crafted which means they will look cheap and amateurish. This is not an image you want to attach to your brand. If your audience thinks your video is cheap, they will believe that so is your product.


There Will Be No Quality

Templates videos are created quickly and are cheap.  They do not have a team of professionals working on them.  The characters are extremely basic and the animation quality is poor, which will affect the video’s quality. Your characters will not look alive causing the video to look dull and cheap.


Your Efforts Will Be In Vain

When people land on your page and see poor quality videos, they will leave which will seriously damage your time-on-page rate.  This will impact your ranking on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.


You Will Lose Money & Be Stuck With Poor Results From Your Videos

If you opt for a cheap video, you might save money but it’s going to cost you dearly over the long run. You will damage your brand’s image, lose visibility, and lose potential customers.  You are literally spending money on an advertising campaign that just doesn’t work. Keep in mind, a custom animation explainer video will give you great ROI.

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