Top 9 Promotional video ideas

Promotional videos are short video clips designed to get viewers’ attention to an event or product. This offer quick information to stir the imagination and touch on the critical value of the event or product. Before we get explained further on the benefits of a promotional video, let’s consider the top 9 relevant promo videos to give you more insight about the approach.


Explainer videos

Generally, explainer videos offer an impressive method to increase your brand’s products and services awareness. They are relevant for your business deals in terms of technical products or complicated theories. In addition, they allow you to withstand difficulties in your business and instill them in a simple visual format. Recent research shows that more than 96 percent of people that have watched an explainer video gain insight about a product or service. This highlights the important features which positively influenced customer’s decision. For more information and inspiration, you can check our exceptional explainer video examples.


Customer feedback

How did you search for an online product? Customer feedback is paramount in any business. Recent studies show that about 84 percent of customers depend on online feedbacks and personal recommendations. This is the best option apart from a one-on-one recommendation from a happy customer. Customer testimonial videos should be engaging and instant to indicate first-class products and services you have delivered instead of the written version. The independent brand promoters can offer you a social proof by illustrating customer testimonial videos.


Consult with team

Regardless of your quality product, if there is no cordial relationship with the corporate or distant corporation, you will find it challenging to attract customers. As a human, we are driven by attention and feelings of connections. The best way to promote your business is to help your audience to get connected and feel comfortable by introducing the experienced team behind your unique brand. This enables potential customers or audience to have trust in your products.


Product demonstration

The best way to generate traffic around your new product is to film a product demonstration video. You can summarize the approach of product declaration and quick actions of features and benefits offered. For instance, tech giants such as Apple are the masters of this niche. In the past years, they have turned their product launches into a yearly event. Recently, their product video to launch iPhone 11 had just gained more than 30 million views. You might not gain much attention, but it really worth taking action similar to Apple in creating your own niche.


Simple tips and tricks

Without doubts, your customers watch and read feedback before they purchase a product. If they want to learn new skills, they check directly on YouTube. This offers you a great opportunity and improves your online reputation. Since you know your products better than anyone, why not impart your audience with similar knowledge? By sharing useful tricks and tips which bring added value to their lives, you can increase your loyalty of previous customer and attract potential customer at the same time.


Before and after promo videos

Before and after promo video is an excellent tool for offering impressive products or services. For example, you can identify a problem which customers are faced before they purchase offering impressive product or service. Then, you can display all the features and benefits once they show interest. Notable example is the laundry detergent companies of the before and after results, since the video appears to be engaging. If you have a product or service which produces interesting results for your customers, then you can consider before and after promo video.


Special and exceptional event

A promotional video is a powerful means of creating excitement before a special event ahead of time. As a result of this, you can create an exciting atmosphere among your audience by creating a teaser video that offers adequate information on how to create abuzz. This can be shared across your social media channels, blog and email newsletters to maintain quality traction. The music festival presenters usually make use of this approach to great effect with the use of footage from their recent festival to create a pre-conditional level of FOMO required to convince customers to buy tickets for the next shindig show. Please take note of this strategic approach.


Behind the scenes

In a similar content with the “meet the team”, a behind scenes promo video is another interesting approach to promote your business. This gives customers complete access to every glimpse of how you will make your products or services to promote such brand in a relatable and reliable way. With the production or planning process, this will greatly improve your customer’s appreciation and improve competition among similar product and service products. This form of promo video works perfectly if charismatic employees in your team can share and lead the tour with valuable strategy.


Recruitment video

Of course, a promo video is a powerful tool for attracting new employees to your company. Regardless of this, make sure that you post an advert on Linkedln and other job sites. If you want to get more attention of potential customers, a recruitment video can be a great tool to attract qualify personnel. This form of promotional video offers you the chance to demonstrate your company’s values, vibrancy, and culture. Due to this, a recruitment video helps to promote your business effectively with talent.


Bottom line

Based on our research, more than 91 percent of online marketers make use of video in every aspect of their marketing strategy and plan. From a business point of view, it helps to promote brands. In addition, it enables consumers to access more videos every year, promote access to YouTube and smartphones help to improve viewing habits. As a result of this, it is essential to be part of the conversation if you want to benefit from this approach.

We believe that this content is relevant if you want to make your promo video. For more informative content, you can check our video ads and the engaging explainer video examples. If you are interested in sharing your promo video, then don’t hesitate to contact us.