5 Video Marketing Trends for 2020

Just like anything else, some video trends stick around while others are dropped just as quickly as they were picked up. Think about how well YouTube has sustained versus Periscope!

We have predicted the top 5 video marketing trends for 2020. The trends are mobile videos, videos for everyone in the company, micro videos, videos with SEO, and personalized videos. If you follow these trends and incorporate them into your business, you’ll be in a good position for the next year.

Mobile Videos

One trend that shows no sign of slowing down is mobile videos. Since the majority of video consumption this year occurred on mobile devices, content needs to be created for the mobile consumer. Keep in mind that graphics need to be readable on the smaller screens. Stay away from tiny images and small text. Your call to action should work on a mobile device. Consider a “Call Us” button since it can sync to a phone. Videos should also fit the 16:9 aspect ratio that most mobile devices utilize.

Video for Everyone

Videos are now being used as tools to communicate both externally to customers and internally to stakeholders, investors, and team members. This could include training videos, software upgrades, and more. Videos like this can help reduce the time, resources, and space needed for these efforts. Some businesses are even rolling out their quarterly and annual reports in video format. Instead of a boring PowerPoint, an engaging video is sent out.

Micro Videos

Over 400 million users used Instagram stories. That means they’re documenting their moments in short, bite-sized clips. These 15 second videos have been used by multiple brands and businesses. By fitting their content into this shorter format, they can capture a wider audience. It leads to regular updates to the brand’s story which fosters engagement from followers. In addition to regular story updates, utilize the features incorporated in the platform. Add the this-or-that polls, questions, and sliding scales to your video content to increase engagement.

Video + SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important marketing concepts we’ll touch on. In 2020, captioning is a very easy way to add to your video marketing. If you’re not already captioning, it’s time to start utilizing this technique. It can help increase your rank in search engines as the search engines look at both visual and textual content.

Videos also increase the amount of time users spend on your site. This also improves your rank in search engines. Studies have even shown that a well optimized video can increase your chances of landing on Google’s first page by over 50 times. That is certainly incentive to optimize your video.

Consider the short 6-second video previews that autoplay when you perform a Google search. These allow users to preview content before committing to clicking on it. Keep this in mind when creating your videos. The first 6 seconds are critical.

Personalized Videos

When utilized effectively, interactive and personalized video can drive engagement and increase sales. If leveraged into your email marketing strategy, personalized video can lead to a 500% increased conversion, 4.5 times more click-throughs and over 60% more time spent on a landing page. These numbers are hard to ignore. Personalized video is definitely a trend worth investing some time and money into.


Video marketing options are endless. The trends show that 2020 is likely to continue breaking records in video consumption. Which trends do you think you’ll utilize in your marketing strategy? What do you think is most important?