Training Videos

Train efficiently with animated videos. Easy to explain – easy to understand


Description of educational video content and why they are used:

Educational videos are helpful, descriptive, and shareable content that establishes you or your organization as a specialist or authority in your industry. It may be a ‘behind the curtain’ video to see how your product is manufactured, a motion infographic, or a clip about modern trends in your field. It may also be worthwhile to convert your most viewed blog articles and FAQS into an educational video.
Educational videos are a practical approach to expand your funnel and boost your rankings on search engines regardless of the field you are in.

How and when should educational content be used?

The top of the funnel is where educational videos should be placed to create an understanding of a product, service, or company. They are not intended to sell a service or product. They should be an element of your overall content marketing plan. Educational videos should always be highly visible on company blogs and social networks.
Several factors of quality educational video content:
- helpful and revealing
- transparent communication
- basic, simple to understand teaching topics
- interactive on-display characters or talent
- no longer than 120 seconds