Explainer Videos

Explain your idea, product, or services


What is an Explainer video and why they are used:

An explainer video - sometimes referred to as an overview video, homepage video, or conversion video – visually describes your organization, service, or product in easy-to-understand terms. The goal is to make the audience comprehend what you are trying to articulate in 120 seconds or less. Explainer videos tend to address a quartet of aspects: the question, the answer, the particulars, and how a problem is solved.
An explainer video should be brief and appealing as topic details are articulated. An explainer video helps audiences grasp a subject and stimulates their curiosity about it.

When and how an explainer video be used?

Explainer videos tend to be used at the consideration stage (top funnel). They are particularly helpful when a potential customer is in the process of seeking out answers to their problems. Explainer videos tend to be placed on service or product pages, homepages, digital newsletters, sales meetings, and trade shows.