Training Video by Inovit – Postural Assessment

Our team would like to present the latest video work done for YouniquelyFit. It is a service provider of posture-based at-home tailored programs that will improve functional movement, alleviate chronic pain, prevent injuries, and get you as close to perfect posture as possible. This 4 minutes video is very understandable and useful. The information of the video is presented structurally with infographics and visualization of the human body parts. The main concept of YouniquelyFit is so unique and helpful during our stay-at-home lifestyle.

The purpose

The Inovit trusted client wanted to visualize in the training video that they were offering a monthly subscription for tailored postural-based workouts that included strength and toning, cardio and flexibility, and mind and body for special populations. The training video should include the tailored exercises from YouniquelyFit and the description of their biomechanics and advantages. Our team should bring the focus in the video to the opportunity of training during the stay-at-home lifestyle.

The solution

The training video contains 4 minutes of tailored exercises to improve physical health. The video is done in a motion graphics style. Our Inovit animation studio illustrated and visualized the advantages of the exercise on each human body part. The main hero as a fitness instructor was illustrated closer to the appearance of the company owner. These all details made an audience interaction with YouniquelyFit company.

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