Marketing video – Cloud Telephony

About the project:

For almost 150 years we have been enjoying such an invention as the telephone. During this period, mankind has gone from bulky devices with a bunch of wires to a smartphone and a small Bluetooth headset. And since 2009, a cloud telephony solution has been created. One of the pioneers in this area is Natterbox. The company enables organizations to deliver class-leading service levels to their customers through efficient and effective integration of voice into their digital customer communications.

In this explainer animated video , most of the video is dedicated to the history of phones. We decided to make it as simple as possible to explain to the viewer events before cloud telephony. Thus, our user smoothly delves into the features of the development of telephony and better understands why everything came to the cloud services. The video has a lot of characters, this helps to convey the atmosphere of different times better. A voiceover simply and understandably explains to the viewer the principles of Natterbox and its advantages.

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