Explainer video – Targeting for programmatic ads and content syndication

Hey, Guys! Check the new whiteboard video combined with the motion graphics. Inovit created it for the marketing company called LeadCrunch which helps marketers scale, enhance, and maximize their lead generation efforts. The video tells about the LeadCrunch company and its opportunities for your business, compared with the main competitors. The graphic of the video is live and bright. The quality voiceover completely makes this video entertaining and useful for the viewer.

The purpose

The main idea of the explainer video should explain the working process and benefits of LeadCrunch solutions. The client wanted our team to represent that LeadCrunch with its artificial intelligence, after sorting all the best companies for the customer business, could build a B2B lookalike audience of companies that the customer should target. Inovit client asked our team to make the video with simply presented information to the audience and future potential customers of LeadCrunch.

The solution

Our team of creative specialists decided to produce the video in whiteboard style combined with motion graphics. This video style is understandable and bright which helps the audience to absorb information without any effort. The illustration of the video has some characters and visual descriptions of the LeadCrunch working stages. The animation has very glide transitions between slides.

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