Explainer video – Luxury Private Jet Charter Service

Leviate Air Group asked our team to create a smart and interactive video about their air services. Inovit did it with fun and pleasure. Check this new Inovit creation for Leviate Air Group. The video animation is smooth and light with the atmosphere on the sky and flights.

The purpose

Leviate Air Group would like to highlight in the marketing video that the company is relatively unique in the industry because Leviate Air Group offers ALL THREE of the major services found in the private aviation industry: Air Charter, Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions, and Aircraft Management. All the services should be presented in the video from the side of their advantages. The target audience of the video should be focused on Wealthy – Middle Age / Elderly Business Owners as per the client's vision.

The solution

Inovit team created the video in 2D animation with characters. Our specialists showed all the benefits of Leviate Air Group services for casual to business travelers in the marketing video. The light atmosphere of the traveling and flights is created by the visualization of the flight trips and the use of the blue colors in the video. While watching the video the audience is getting a feeling of freedom and traveling. Inovit made the video according to the company branded book and requirements on all production stages.

If you enjoyed watching the video, our Inovit team is ready to help you to create the same video for your company services! Contact us any time to get more details.

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