Explainer video – Comfortable and effective breathing experience

Now humanity is suffering from global climate changes. The Canadian company O2 industries invented innovative respirators in 2017. Our Inovit studio decided to create an animated explainer video about the advantages of using the respirator instead of the simple mask. It's a very informative colorful video full of useful information about the protection from harmful particles. During the global pandemic especially. Hope that you enjoyed this animated video as we are while we were creating it involving our best specialists in all production stages.

The purpose

O2 industries set a task for our creative team to make the marketing video about their innovative respirator- the O2 Curve Respirator. The main focus in the video should be on the structure and composition of the O2 Curve Respirator. Our client requested to visualize that the respirator fits snugly with a silicone seal while still offering plenty of space to breathe, and protects wearers against airborne particles with a built-in filtration system. Our team should present in the video that the O2 Curve uses a highly efficient, yet breathable triboelectric-charged filtration system, which consists of multiple layers of different filter media that work both mechanically and electrostatically. O2 industries ordered the video in 2D animation with characters.

The solution

As per the request of the client, our team finalized the video in 2D animation with several characters. In the video we presented the multicultural diversification of the people. Our creative specialists demonstrated the composition of the O2 Curve Respirator in the marketing video based on O2 industries provided information. We described the advantages of the O2 Curve Respirator competing with simple masks.

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